Hi. I'm Taka,

a student, cosmopolite, and cryptography enthusiast.

Taka's face

I am a graduate student of the cybersecurity programme at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), with a focus on cryptography and digital forensics.

I also work with online voting systems, and am currently a protocol analyst at Smartmatic-Cybernetica CoE for Internet Voting (SCCEIV).

"Taka" is a nickname gotten from the contraction of my first and last name.


  • Merelaager's website and its backend.
  • A bunch of cryptographic provers and verifiers for work.
  • Zahlen, a bare-bones arbitrary precision library in C# as part of a crypto-algorithms testing project.
  • Tako, an event management platform I wrote for a university project with my good friend Slava.
  • An MD5 hashing algorithm implementation in C, following the specification and without external libraries.

All projects (except for Tako and my work work) have their source code available on GitHub.


While I have of course taken plenty of notes over my time studying, sadly none of them are fluid or structured enough to make sense to be uploaded...yet. Naturally, I cannot upload official materials either. Still, some of my homework solutions and reports are available on GitHub.


I am no programmer and most definitely not a developer. However, when I do code, I tend to use C#, C or Golang.